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What Is Leather?

It's commonly recognized as being the skin or hide of an animal.  But what is it that makes it the material that we cherish and enjoy?

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Types of Leather

Leather is Unique!  It comes from one source, but can be turned into many different styles and types

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Identify Leather Types

You know you have leather and you know there are different types, so, how do you find out what type of leather you have?

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Not all information is created equal!

One unfortunate fact regarding the Internet is that anyone can write anything and proclaim themselves an "expert". when you search for information on the care and restoration of leather, you will find an endless supply of "informational" sites that provide you with all forms of advice. Most of these sites are filled with bogus misleading rhetoric that does, at best, nothing for you and at worst, causes you to destroy a once lovely piece.

The purpose of this site is to do exactly the opposite! Our goal is to provide you with accurate, positive and true information that will help to guide you in the exact direction that you spent so much time and effort in trying to find. Instead of providing you with minimal general knowledge that anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense can figure out, we approach the How's, Why's and Where's and tell you exactly how it is!  What you will find here is exactly how we have done things professionally for more than 40 years and the products that we have found to be the best in the business.  Not to say that we still do and use the same processes and products that we did 40 years ago. Things change and evolve and to stay on top, we had to change and evolve with them.


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