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The purpose of this site is to provide you with accurate, useful and beneficial information on how to properly make leather repairs  and employ the correct methods and products to perform the necessary leather care techniques required to maintain any type of leather.  Leather is used in a myriad of applications including: leather furniture, car seats, steering wheels & trim, jackets & clothing, purses & handbags and much, much more. You have invested a lot into your purchases and take pride in owning them. We have created this site to help you in learning the proper techniques, chemicals and processes required to save your leather and make it last much longer and retain the attractive properties it had when you first purchased it.

When you originally made your purchase, more than likely, you were not provided with any instructions or advice on how to clean and maintain your new leather.  In the vast majority of situations, you were simply told to wipe it down with a damp cloth periodically.  Now we all know that this renders absolutely no value to the preservation and longevity of your new item, except to remove light dust and surface soiling that occurs autointnaturally.  The reason you were not told how to properly care for your leather is simple:  the sales person has no clue how to do it themselves.  Add to that the fact that the store does not want to take on the liability if you have been incorrectly informed or if you are given or told the wrong products for your application.  In addition to that, the stores business is to sell product.  So, the sooner your stuff wears out or turns nasty, the sooner you will be in the market for new.

Here you will find articles written about many different situations that arise during the everyday use of leather. We provide you with practical solutions on how to fix them and how to prevent these problems from occurring in the first place.  We want to help you protect your investment by preserving its’ usefulness and saving you money on replacement costs.

Please browse through the many articles found to the right.  You will find information that will fit your specific needs and questions.  Feel free to leave comments about your experiences using Leather Magic!™ products, ask questions, or get the correct advice you need for taking care of your fine leather.  We are committed to helping you successfully find the remedies you need.

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